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I founded Winhurst Recruitment in 2014 after spending 10 years working in the food & drink industry as a National Account Manager, followed by a number of years recruiting into the sector. I had a light bulb moment one day whilst sat in a very corporate recruitment environment juggling a huge amount of KPI’s……where’s the human touch in all of this? And when another recruitment agency wanted to invest in me, I thought back to what a Head of Operations once said to me...."I back myself". And from that moment, I've not looked back.  

It's easy to say I instinctively know what a good candidate looks like, what a career in a number of differing industries entails (having worked in Food, Wine, IT, Management Consultancy) and this is all based on personal and professional experience, not just sat behind a desk talking about it, I’ve done it. As a result, I offer both clients and candidates, a bespoke service which never loses sight of the 3 core values……Expertise, Integrity and Humanness. At this stage I’m not even sure if the last value is a real word but what I do know, is it is a real feeling. The more digital we become, the more human we must be. And I will never lose sight of that.

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