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Winhurst Recruitment is an FMCG specialist recruitment company covering the UK.

You’ve always listened, advised and become my favourite, most trusted recruitment consultant.
— Graham, FMCG professional

Jo Richardson is Winhurst Recruitment, independent RECRUITER!

 With 10 years experience in the food & drinks industry and as many years working in recruitment, Jo instinctively knows what a good candidate looks like and what a job in this industry really entails. With a portfolio of clients across the UK, people are at the heart of every business and they will always be at the heart of the recruitment process. 

Our three core values are:

* Expertise *
* Integrity *
* Humanness *

At this stage we’re not even sure if the last value is a real word but we do know, is it is a real feeling.

The more digital we become, the more human we must be. And I will never lose sight of that.

adding to your team

When you are recruiting for your business,
you HAVE to get the right person as well as the right skill-set. Making the wrong decision in recruitment can damage the team as well as the business and can take time as well as money to put right. When I recruit for your business, I care about your business as much as you do, having total confidence in every CV that I submit.

finding a new job

"You changed my life, you made my Christmas and you gave me & my family everything we ever wanted". That's what a candidate said to me, 3 years after I got him the dream job.  Don't you want that to be you? (and you don't have to always wait until Christmas!) Taking the next step in finding a new job can be difficult and exciting in equal measures but I will be right by your side to get you where you need to be. 

But be warned, put me in a factory and I become a complete nerd. But wouldn't you want to work with a recruiter who gets to know the business and the processes as well as the people? 

Jo is by far the best, friendliest and most personable recruiter I’ve come across in this whole process. She made me feel valued, positive and completely informed at every step of the way.

By providing efficient communication, all the details I could need, and handy tips into the bargain I felt in the best position I could be while going through the interview and resulting offer process.

If you need a great recruiter to help you find your next role....look no further! Thanks again Jo - you’re awesome! ;-)
— Craig, Candidate & FMCG Professional