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In order for you to consider working with me, you'll want to know what qualifies me to make these promises to you. 

Well it's not just one thing, it's 20 years of work experience, challenges, excitement, highs, lows, even lower than lows. It is a couple of career changes, it's being bullied at work which resulted in me suffering from anxiety & depression, it's handing in my resignation without a job to go to with only me paying the mortgage because that's what I needed to do to keep sane. It is setting up my own business, it's working in one of the toughest industries (chilled food), it's working for corporate businesses and being like a fish out of water, it's having every day battles and putting a smile on your face regardless, it's sometimes not being able to see your computer screen at work because of all the tears.

And then it's finally finding what I LOVE to do professionally and wanting to help others achieve that dream as well.

so what help do you need from me?


  • Are you submitting your CV for jobs but not getting invited for interviews?

  • Do you have a wealth of experience but can’t find the right way to put it into words?

If so, this session will ensure that your CV is the best it can be!

Price of £149.00 (inclusive of VAT)


  • Over 70% of the candidates I place come through LinkedIn so don’t under estimate the power of having your profile in impeccable shape.

  • Does your profile not only demonstrate what you’ve achieved but does it show what you want for the future?

If so, let me help you get into those amazing statistics for a recruiter!

Price of £49.00 (inclusive of VAT)


  • Are you a bit rusty with interviews?

  • Or do you lack confidence in how to nail the perfect interview?

If so, this is the perfect session for you!

Price of £149.00 (inclusive of VAT)


  • Have you lost your direction with your career?

  • Do you need to go back to basics, understand your skills to enable to see the way forward?

If so, please get in touch to discuss further.

Price of £149.00 (inclusive of VAT)

OR if you sign up to all 4, there is an offer of £419!

I have over 10 years experience of working with professionals who have been at a cross roads in their career, please read what people have said about working with me to know that this approach genuinely works. 

“I contacted Jo as I had been with the same company for a few years and was looking for the step in my career. Jo carefully helped me to restructured my CV, which quickly resulted in several interviews.

I found her to be incredibly insightful in terms of interview techniques, her background in HR was apparent and she skilfully coached me on what companies were looking for in a candidate, she also supplied me with invaluable resources and strategies that I wouldn’t have otherwise had access to.

I’m delighted to say I was fortunate enough to be offered 3 positions and was in the enviable position to be able to select the company which was he best fit for me.

Financially, my family and I are now so much better off - and I am thoroughly enjoying my new role.

Would throughly recommend this process to anyone.”
“I was lucky enough to have the benefit of Jo’s advice on my CV.

Jo pointed out that it was obvious that I was not enamoured with my current role and my lack of enthusiasm came across in my CV. She suggested some changes and amendments and the changes have made it a much more powerful and dynamic sales tool, which will undoubtedly help me secure my next role.

Jo’s style is intuitive and intelligent as well as being warm and friendly. More importantly, I found the consultation empowering and confidence boosting.

I would recommend Jo’s services to anyone looking to improve their CV.

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