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It's not all about food!!

So why would a non FMCG business want to work with me?

When you've read so much about food, you're probably wondering why ask me to help with your recruitment when you don't operate in the world of FMCG? 

A few months ago I'd have been just as cynical as you but in June 2018 I was contacted by a company in Surrey who sell Training. They’d seen how I operate and they wanted me to assist them with a large piece of recruitment. A small entrepreneurial business, operating in a very corporate world. Here is what I delivered for them:

  • A Training & Development Manager who starts their job 4 months after I got the brief. They interviewed 2 candidates and I only sent 2 CV’s forward.

  • An Account Manager who starts their job 4 months after I got the brief. I submitted 5 CV’s, they telephone interviewed all 5, invited 2 for face to face interviews and had a few sleepless nights on who to offer as they loved both candidates.

  • An immediately available graduate who started 4 weeks after I received the brief. 2 CV’s submitted, 2 candidates interviewed, 1 tough decision.

Who knew…..?

That once you understand a business, the people in the business and the culture, it doesn’t really matter what the company does. What matters is how the people do it.

So if you like those statistics, please get in touch as I’d love to help you.