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Why Winhurst?

Now don’t worry, I’m going to give you the sales pitch on why work with Winhurst Recruitment but this is a question I get asked A LOT! Why Winhurst? Where does Winhurst come from? So here is Winhurst’s story.

3 days before I launched my business I still didn’t have a name for the business. Richardson Recruitment just made me want to stick my chin out and speak stupidly when I said it and as my business model was, and still is, all about simplicity, I wanted the word Recruitment in the title. I was sat at the kitchen table at my Mum’s house in Wensleydale, my Stepdad had just brought in fresh eggs from the farm, my nieces were running around super excited about the Easter Egg hunt, brother sat in the conservatory reading the Sunday Paper and my sister in law making cups of coffee & tea, and I was looking at a list of names that I’d been collecting for months. I hated all of them. But I loved where I was and have never felt more at home than in Wensleydale.

My Grandparents met in London during the 2nd world war and moved to the Yorkshire Dales for a better, safer, secure future. 18 months before the war finished, my Nana at the age of 44 went into labour giving birth to a cute little girl, my Mum. Minutes later, she was informed that the 2nd baby was on its way. And they had NO IDEA she was carrying twins and a few minutes later came along a pretty much identical other cute girl, my Auntie Margaret. My poor Grandpa suddenly found he had a shopping list longer than he ever imagined. And when they were ready to come home, he brought his 3 gorgeous girls back to the stunning house they’d bought, Winshurst. He’d named it after my Nana who was called Winifred. Winnie as she was known to everybody lived in that house until she was 101 years old. The house didn’t have heating, it had open fires, an old pantry, a Grandfather clock on the staircase, gardens that went on for miles, cupboards full of games & cards & books, and a stunning view of Wensleydale. My Mum grew up there, and we holidayed there and I’m even welling up writing about the house & my beloved Nana. I never met my Grandpa and my Nana who lived in 3 centuries (born December 1899 and died January 2001), well she is my inspiration. She never had a bad word to say about anybody, she was a hard worker, she even gained a degree in the 1920’s, what a woman. She left me wanting to be a better person always, as well as leaving me bad circulation in my feet and rosy cheeks!

So a quick drop of the “S” and I had my company name. And with it, I had a lot of core values. Always say positive things, always keep things simple & straight forward, never lose sight of what’s important and make my Nana super proud. And as “Winshurst” the house moved on with new owners, the name was changed back to what it was in the 1930’s and as I write this, this amazing house is currently up for sale. Would I buy it if I had the money (and it’s a lot of money!)? I honestly don’t know but what I do know is that the memories live on every day in my business and I hope I’m doing you proud Winnie. Xxx.


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