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I don't know where you get the energy from.....

Someone said this to me recently about something I had to do for work. I’d spent Friday evening dismantling my old work chair so I could get it out the home office without damaging paintwork. And then Sunday afternoon involved building my new work chair and whilst I was doing that, I might as well dismantle some furniture I don’t really use any more, blitz my office, then clean the rest of the house so I reckon a good few hours of work was used up over my weekend. And 3 hours in to sitting in my new chair, I still have aches in my back so I think I’m a few hours and a few hundred quid down, for no benefit! So where do I get the energy from?

Quite simply it’s called running your own business. Having energy isn’t an option if you want your business to succeed. You have to do EVERYTHING when you run your business, especially when you’re a one man band. There’s no IT infrastructure, there’s nobody who can buy your new office chair let alone put it together, there’s no office cleaner. It’s all down to me! And there’s no one to keep you accountable so motivation has to come from within. My brain has just clicked in and I realised I was ringing round candidates before I started writing this but my pea brain has forgotten and I got side-tracked by the bright lights of writing a blog. And soon it’ll be lunch time and I’ve still got to email my accountant some information about self-assessment, have an invoice to raise, interview confirmation to send out, loads of speculative CV’s to read through for jobs I don’t have, and so many CV’s of candidates for jobs I do have one, most of which appear to have bob all relevant experience. And to top if off, (you’ll probably never have guessed this one!), I feel like death warmed up today. So where do I get the energy from? I don’t get it from anywhere. I get it in advance. I get it because I have a mortgage to pay on the 20th of every month. I get it because I have 2 4 legged little fluffs that want feeding 3 times a day. I get it because  my business is 5.5 years old and I’ve worked bloody hard but today I am beyond exhausted and really fricking tearful. So I will pop some co-codamol, put that smile on my face and take an early finish for 5.30pm and go and get some fresh air. And come back feeling a whole world lighter and brighter tomorrow.

So for all those people out there who work for themselves, WE do an amazing job. And when you have a day where you feel like you’re doing an average, or shite job, you’re not, you are doing an amazing job. Because you have tenacity, drive, focus, resourcefulness in bucketloads. And so what if your bucket is a bit lighter one day, that’s what your network, friends and family are for. And don’t be afraid to say you’re having a shocker of a day. Don’t be afraid to do a little bit or a lot of self care as your business is YOU. Look after yourself now so you have the energy for all the amazing stuff you create but also energy for all the stuff that is thrown your way.

And very importantly, get a great office chair as you sit there too long to be uncomfortable.
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Jo Richardson