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How to find the perfect job!

Every day I look on LinkedIn and some recruiter somewhere is getting pulled to pieces for being crap at their job which then usually leads onto someone saying that all recruiters are crap, and then the debate takes off. It’s usually at this point I roll my eyes, take my fingers off the keyboard and focus on something else. Because yes, there are some crap recruiters out there and yes there are some crap recruitment agencies out there but let’s look at an analogy…….if you had lousy service in a restaurant one evening, are all waiters / waitresses crap? No, you usually don’t leave a tip and you don’t go there again. You don’t then eat every meal at home for the next 10 years and slate off the hospitality industry, well I like to think you don’t! 

But I understand peoples frustrations and I’ve been there myself, it’s such an emotive topic, it’s your job, your career, your future and you have every right to be annoyed if you feel someone isn’t working their very best to find you a new job. Because finding a new job is really hard work. And if you’re fortunate enough to already be in a job, finding that extra time and energy is bloody tough and surely the person helping you should understand and appreciate it?

You know you’re 100% committed to getting a new job but where do you go? (Can I just point out that people who are 110% committed to finding a new job need to relook at some of their numbers on their CV……always quote fact not fiction!) Quite simply there are 4 different routes to finding a job and in the past I have used at least 3 of them, 2 of them working successfully for me. 

Your own network.

Never under estimate the power of your own network. This can be a really tough one especially if you are currently in a job because not many people want their current employer to know that they’re looking. But people buy from people, it’s as simple as that. Keep in touch with people you’ve previously worked with whether it’s through LinkedIn, email or a phone call every couple of months just to say hello. Go to industry events even if you hate the networking side of things, you’ll be amazed who you bump into, talk to family & friends who work in the same industry, you don’t have to say that you’re actively looking, a lot of people keep their eyes & ears open in the current climate.

Job Boards.

Find industry specific ones and sign up to job alerts. I’m not convinced by putting your CV onto a job board website, there are so many hundreds of CV’s that lay dormant, and yours could just get lost. Some of the industry job boards have their own publications such as The Grocer or Food Manufacture, read the weekly magazine or sign up to their emails. On a Wednesday there used to be a stampede in reception as The Grocer arrived and a not so subtle flick straight to the back of the magazine rather than the front to see “The industry news”. Generic job boards are OK and they still have a place but as technology moves forward I’m not sure how much longer they’ll keep going. Maybe I’m wrong, time will tell. 


As a recruiter I love it but as a candidate it works because it’s discreet, you can engage with Hiring Managers, In-house recruiters as well as Recruitment companies but they have also have a Jobs section. Sign up to it and do it all from the comfort of your own phone, no prying eyes in the work place! If you’re not in a job currently there is so much scope on here. Join groups, like what people have written, add comments, and make sure your profile is up to date including key skills so people know who you are and what you’re looking for. This is one of my most favourite tools so don’t be afraid of it! 


The dreaded recruiter I hear you say……well quite simply, find a good recruiter, not a good recruitment company. It’s all about people and if someone understands who you are, what motivates you and what you’re looking for, have faith in their ability. Who have you worked with who spoke highly of a recruiter? Who has recruited for you in the past and you rated? Who found you or one of your colleagues a job before? Whose approach catches your eye and inspires you? And if they let you down, tell them, allow them the chance to rectify it and if they don’t, go somewhere else. One bad recruiter doesn’t make a whole industry of bad recruiters. 

Whichever route you go with, remember two things. Be committed to the process as it is hard work, and be as proactive as you want to be. If there’s a company you’ve always wanted to work for, contact them. My first 2 jobs in the Food Industry I got by writing a letter to them both! Yes, I know I’m showing my age but I even think now, good old fashioned values are invaluable and it shows dedication and commitment. And by giving advice like this, I know I’ll never be a millionaire recruiter but as long as I’m a decent recruiter with good values, great clients and some pretty awesome candidates, then I’m a happy recruiter. 


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